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Why Am I Craving Lemons? 4 Doable Root Causes

Any time you’ve a meals craving, it may be complicated. 

We frequently affiliate random or weird meals cravings with being pregnant, however there can really be quite a lot of emotional, hormonal, and dietary causes for numerous meals cravings.

However, why do I crave lemons? What does craving lemons imply, or what does craving lemonade or craving limes imply? Is craving acidic meals dangerous for you?

On this information, we’ll talk about what lemon cravings imply, why you may be craving lemonade or craving acidic meals, and how you can resolve craving lemons primarily based on the foundation trigger.

We are going to have a look at: 

  • Why Am I Craving Lemons?
  • What Does It Imply When You Crave Lemons?
  • What Ought to I Do If I’m Craving Lemons?

Let’s get began!

Slices of lemons.

Why Am I Craving Lemons?

Craving lemon and salt, craving citrus, craving acidic meals, and craving limes, typically, all fall underneath the identical class and might be answered by analyzing the overarching query: what does it imply once you crave lemons, or why do I crave lemons?

It is because even if you’re craving limes vs lemons, craving lemonade, craving acidic meals, or have a salt and lemon craving particularly, all of those citrus cravings or acidic meals cravings typically point out the identical kind of dietary wants for food-seeking habits underlying the lemon craving.

First, it’s essential to deal with the query: is it regular to crave lemons?

Many individuals have considerations about and marvel, why am I craving lemonade or lemons as a result of we frequently affiliate meals cravings with candy or indulgent meals, however many individuals do crave bitter meals or crave acidic meals like lemons.

This doesn’t imply that it’s “regular“ to have a longing for lemons or citrus cravings, however it isn’t an overt trigger for main concern or all that weird.

Significantly in case your style preferences and palate are likely to swing in the direction of having fun with bitter and bitter flavors, lemon cravings might be emotional or recurring for consolation or enjoyment.

A person drinking lemon water.

In case you have a lemon and salt craving, you may additionally benefit from the mixture of tart and salty.

That stated, there are additionally dietary causes that you could be be craving lemons or have a lemon and salt craving, so you will need to look at the causes of why you crave lemons in order that if that is certainly out of the norm for you, you may handle potential dietary lemon craving meanings.

Oftentimes, meals cravings compelled by dietary deficiencies are for meals which might be significantly wealthy in sure vitamins. For instance, you might need a longing for meat in case your protein, iron, zinc, or B12 standing is low.

Total, lemons don’t present many vitamins, as they’re very low in energy and have some vitamin C and simply traces of different vitamins.

The juice of 1 medium-sized lemon (about 48 grams of lemon juice), will present about 10 energy, 19 mg of vitamin C (about 21% of the each day worth), 10 micrograms (mcg) of folate (2% of the DV), and 50 mg of potassium (1% of the DV). 

Lemons additionally present hint quantities of sure B nutritional vitamins, together with nutritional vitamins B1, B2, and B5.

That stated, lemon cravings can certainly be brought on by sure dietary issues.

Two lemons.

What Does It Imply When You Crave Lemons?

Listed here are a few of the most typical causes for craving lemons, craving limes, craving lemonade, or craving citrus fruits on the whole: 

#1: Low Serotonin

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that additionally acts as a hormone within the physique, serving to transmit messages between nerve cells whereas additionally enjoying a necessary position in digestion, temper regulation, sleep, urge for food, and feelings.

Serotonin additionally serves as a precursor for melatonin, which is a hormone that performs a key position within the sleep/wake cycle, which is why serotonin ranges can have an effect on your sleep high quality.

Research counsel that low serotonin ranges could cause a rise in urge for food in addition to meals cravings, usually for salty meals, candy meals, or bitter or tart meals, the final of which is why a lemon craving trigger might be low serotonin as lemons are notably bitter or tart.

Lemon pie.

#2: Iron Deficiency Anemia

One of many main lemon craving causes is iron deficiency anemia or low iron ranges.

Iron is a necessary micronutrient that’s important for forming hemoglobin, the molecule that transports oxygen all through the physique. You should eat iron in your food regimen or in supplemental type as a result of your physique can’t manufacture iron endogenously. 

An iron deficiency can result in anemia, a situation marked by weak point, fatigue, pallor, and breathlessness. In keeping with the Nationwide Institutes of Well being, the bioavailability of heme iron is about 14-18% versus 5-12% for non-heme iron. 

Though lemons don’t include iron, apparently, a cause that you could be be craving lemons is because of low iron or anemia, in accordance with some analysis.

Vitamin C aids the absorption of iron, so maybe lemon cravings are your physique‘s means of making an attempt to absorb extra iron out of your food regimen.


Iron deficiency anemia causes a situation referred to as pica, in which you will search to eat even non-food objects, however lemons additionally appear to be related to a reason for lemon cravings.

Vegetarians and vegans are at an elevated danger of iron deficiency as a result of most iron-rich meals are animal-based proteins, akin to meat, which give “heme iron.“ 

Though there are some plant-based meals with iron, akin to lentils and spinach, the iron in these “non-heme” iron meals will not be practically as bioavailable.

Girls are additionally at a higher danger of iron deficiency on account of menstruation and the final pattern in dietary consumption of girls vs males.

The really useful each day consumption of iron for premenopausal ladies is eighteen mg, however the DV for iron drops to eight mg for males and postmenopausal ladies. 

#3: Lack of Vitamin C

Though it’s fairly uncommon to have a vitamin C deficiency in most nations given the provision of pure or added vitamin C to many meals merchandise, if you’re not following a well-rounded, nutritious diet or you’ve some kind of underlying situation or have been very in poor health, you could have a vitamin C deficiency.

Citrus fruits, together with lemons, are an incredible supply of vitamin C. 

Regardless that different varieties of citrus present extra vitamin C than lemons, there’s greater than 1/5 of the each day worth of vitamin C within the juice of 1 medium-sized lemon.

Your physique could also be craving lemonade or craving citrus in case your vitamin C standing is low.

A pitcher and glasses of lemonade.

#4: Low Electrolytes

Lastly, if you’re craving lemon and salt particularly, you could have low electrolytes.

A lemon and salt water craving might be frequent after a tough exercise through which you’ve depleted fluids and sodium in your sweat, or after touring on an airplane or being sick with a abdomen bug the place you’re unable to remain nicely hydrated.

Take your lemon salt water craving as an indication that that you must rehydrate with satisfactory fluids and electrolytes.

What Ought to I Do If I’m Craving Lemons?

In fact, occasional lemon cravings might be glad by having a glass of lemon water or lemonade, however if you’re constantly or instantly craving lemons repeatedly, it’s crucial that you just have a look at the frequent lemon craving causes and handle any doubtless causes for craving lemons in your total food regimen.

In spite of everything, whereas lemons include just about no energy and positively aren’t “dangerous“ for you, there might be unwanted side effects from consuming too many lemons or different citrus fruits.

Lemonade in glasses.

Lemons are acidic as a result of they include citric acid, which can erode tooth enamel.

Moreover, citric acid can exacerbate heartburn or signs of GERD.

When it comes to addressing the causes of lemon cravings, should you consider you’ve a vitamin C deficiency, there are many meals wealthy in vitamin C, together with different citrus fruits akin to grapefruits and oranges, berries, leafy inexperienced greens like spinach and kale, broccoli, kiwi, bell peppers, amongst different vegatables and fruits.

Addressing low iron is essential earlier than it escalates to anemia.

Meals which might be excessive in iron embody pink meat and liver. You could want iron dietary supplements if you’re vegan or not absorbing iron nicely.

Craving lemons throughout being pregnant is usually hormonal, however it’s best to converse together with your OB/GYN about being pregnant lemonade cravings to look into iron deficiency anemia or different causes of craving lemons throughout being pregnant.

Low electrolytes and poor hydration usually underlie lemonade cravings, so just remember to are ingesting sufficient fluids and utilizing electrolyte alternative or having coconut water, a sports activities beverage, or consuming meals wealthy in electrolytes after sweating.

You possibly can learn extra about meals excessive in pure electrolytes right here.

Lemonade on ice.



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