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Sightseeing Spots in Burhanpur – Go Heritage Runs – Run, Enjoyable, Journey

Sightseeing spots

Asirgarh Fort : Perched excessive on a hill of the Satpura vary just below 25 kms north of Burhanpur is likely one of the most opulent forts of the area, rivaling even the good Golconda in impregnability. Alexander Cunningham attributes the origins of the fort to ‘nice antiquity’ , going as far as to establish it with the ‘Ozoabis’ talked about by Ptolemy 

Kali Masjid : One of many oldest Faruqi monuments is Kali Masjid (black mosque). Whereas locals insist that that is Burhanpur’s oldest mosque, the MP District gazetteer, 1969 attributes it to the final Faruqi ruler, Bahadur Khan(1596-1600). It’s looted within the Daulatpura Mohalla, a 10-minute stroll uphill from the Rajghat alongside the Tapti. 

Bibi ki Masjid : Additional contained in the city, about quarter-hour by foot from the Rajghat space is one other Faruqi monument, Bibi ki Masjid. For extra ornate than Kali Masjid, Bibi ki Masjid was constructed between 1520 and 1540 by a Faruqi queen. 

Jama Masjid : Constructed when Bibi ki Masjid, grew to become too small to accommodate Burhanpur’s rising inhabitants, the miraculously effectively preserved Jama Masjid, is positioned on the very centre of city in Gandhi Chowk. Its over 36m excessive minars tower over the mosque arched compound and the bustling bazaar outdoors. 

Tombs of Nadir Shah and Adil Shah : About 3 kms from the centre of city are the tombs of a number of Faruqi rulers and their queens, set inside a walled enclosure. Most noteworthy of those are the tombs of Nadir Shah and Adil Shah. 

Badshahi Qila : A prolific builder of the Faruqi dynasty and the ruler underneath whom Burhanpur loved most prosperity, was Adil Khan II cr. 1457-1503. The king propelled the development of a citadel, with partitions pierced by eight gates stretching round Burhanpur. This was often called the Badshahi Qila. 

Diwan-e-Khas : Exterior the baths are the grounds of the Diwan-e-Khas, its garden superbly maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, which additionally has its workplaces right here. Diwan –e – Aam : Adjoining to the Diwan-eKhas is the Diwan-e-Aam, the fragile frescoes on its partitions and arches light besides in just a few locations.

Zenana Hammam : The Mughals added enormously to Burhanpur’s architectural treasures. Inside Badshahi Qila is the Zenana Hammam. Inbuilt a mix of Mughal and Persian kinds distinctive of early Mughal structure, the baths have been as soon as adorned with stunning frescoes on the ceilings, a few of which nonetheless survive.

Kundi Bhandara : The Mughal pleasure in water- fountains, canals, baths is well-known. Burhanpur boasts of what could also be certainly one of their most elaborate system for transporting water demonstrating an unparalleled constructional approach. Even right now, these stay wonderful relics of Mughal engineering, ingenuity and talent. 

Tomb of Shah Nawaz Khan : On the northern outskirts of Burhanpur, about 2 kms from the city, is an exquisite Mughal monument, the tomb of Shah Nawaz Khan, on the banks of the Utaoli river.

Bilquis Jahan’s Tomb : The tomb of Bilquis Jahan, or Begum Shah Shuja is barely 2 kms from Shah Nawaz’s tomb due to its distinctively formed dome, the tomb is domestically often called Kharboozi (‘melon-like’) Gumbaz. Shah Shuja, Shah Jahan’s second son, misplaced his beloved spouse, Bilquis Jahan, in Burhanpur throughout childbirth, and erected this tomb in her reminiscence.

Hazrat Shah Bhikari : Very near the tomb of Bilquis Jahan is the dargah of Hazrat Shah Bhikari often known as Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin.

Dargah-e-Hakimi : About 3 kms from Gandhi Chowk in Burhanpur is the village of Lodhi, mentioned to have been based by and therefore named after a king of the Lodhi dynasty. The village homes the Dargah-eHakim, a sacred pilgrimage for the Dawoodi Bohra Muslims. It’s the mazar of Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin. 

Mahal Gulara : Fantastically positioned on the banks of the Badi Utaoli river is Mahal Gulara, a Mughal pleasure retreat, 21 kms from Burhanpur on Amravati Highway, north of the village of Sindhkheda. 

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