Prepared, Set… Run!!

Methods to go from outta form to again within the sport? Methods to rework the self from listless, despondent spectator to motion determine? Methods to get to there from right here? This singular query haunts the sofa potato – however moreso the has been. For the sofa potato is rooted on the sidelines – content material to maintain on sipping the soda and almost oblivious to the unhappy state into which he has descended. The flaccid muscle mass have gone considerably taut, the need has hardened right into a elegant softness… The sofa potato has already accepted his diminished place. The has-been, contrarily, remembers his glory years. Remembers and imagines…. I could be that once more. I’m in the identical ambiance as yesteryear, I’m just one hundred, 300, a thousand miles from that grand thoroughfare down which I used to galavant, charging effortlessly down the tarmac of my youth. I bear in mind….

I bear in mind and I need to return to that grander model of me. The one earlier than I almost forgot who I used to be, forgot why I used to be, forgot whose I used to be. However now once more, I would like once more. I select to don the footwear and to step into the river run which is life well-lived, life considerable. I select to solid off this slough of the current me – the has been – to find once more that hero which resides in me.

Tomorrow will mark 5 years since my mind most cancers prognosis! And what higher as we speak than this to start to run anew? Tomorrow I start. Once more!