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Full Coaching Information by Jef Van Meirhaeghe

Sleep, Diet, and Hype Cycles

All through our interview, Jef emphasised the significance of three key components in an athlete’s coaching routine: sleep, vitamin, and avoiding hype cycles. In response to Jef, sleep is essential for restoration and general efficiency. He means that athletes prioritise an everyday sleep schedule, aiming for 8-10 hours of sleep per evening – and, if potential, just a few naps between coaching periods.

As for vitamin, Jef believes in a balanced and diversified food regimen wealthy in entire meals, lean proteins, wholesome fat, and complicated carbohydrates – avoiding excessive keto as a result of it will possibly result in exhaustion and overtraining.

“…by now, we all know from scientific proof that even at a extremely sluggish base, carbs are your foremost gasoline, and particularly for those who go to a contest, you are really 95% reliant on carbs.”

In relation to hype cycles, Jef warns in opposition to getting caught up within the newest health tendencies and fads. As a substitute, he encourages athletes to give attention to constant, sustainable coaching and hearken to their our bodies for optimum outcomes.

Jef’s beneficial dietary supplements earlier than a coaching session

Throughout our chat, Jef shared three key dietary supplements he recommends taking earlier than a coaching session: sodium bicarbonate, beetroot juice, and Beta-alanine.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, will help buffer lactic acid buildup throughout high-intensity train, enhancing muscular endurance and delaying fatigue. Jef suggests consuming sodium bicarbonate about 60-90 minutes earlier than coaching, ideally with a meal, to scale back potential gastrointestinal discomfort.

Beetroot Juice or L-citrulline

L-citrulline is an amino acid that, like beetroot juice, can improve nitric oxide manufacturing within the physique. This results in improved blood movement and oxygen supply to the muscle mass, probably enhancing train efficiency and lowering fatigue. Jef suggests taking L-citrulline about 60 minutes earlier than coaching to maximise its advantages.


Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that the physique makes itself and will get out of your food regimen. The physique makes use of this little substance to type carnosine. Amongst different issues, this regulates the physique’s PH degree, and this impacts the power provide and the reabsorption of lactic acid by the muscle mass. Because of this it’s a fashionable complement amongst (prime) athletes.


Jef’s beneficial dietary supplements throughout a coaching session

For in-session supplementation, Jef endorses using carbohydrates and caffeine.


Consuming carbohydrates throughout extended train will help keep blood glucose ranges and delay fatigue. Different potential advantages embody the preservation of muscle glycogen, improved endurance and quicker restoration.


Caffeine is a broadly recognised stimulant that may improve focus, alertness, and endurance. Jef suggests consuming a average quantity of caffeine (relying in your physique weight) about 30-60 minutes earlier than coaching.

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Jef’s beneficial dietary supplements after a coaching session

To help restoration after a coaching session, Jef recommends using exogenous ketones and restoration shakes. These dietary supplements can promote muscle restore, scale back irritation, and replenish power shops, serving to athletes bounce again extra successfully from intense exercises.


Ketones can present an alternate power supply for the physique when muscle glycogen is depleted. By supplying the physique with ketones after a exercise, athletes can help the restoration course of and assist restore power ranges extra effectively. Jef recommends consuming a ketone complement inside half-hour post-exercise, following the producer’s dosage pointers.

Restoration shakes

Restoration shakes usually comprise a mix of high-quality protein, carbohydrates, and different important vitamins to help post-workout restoration. Consuming a restoration shake inside half-hour of ending a exercise will help promote muscle restore, replenish glycogen shops, and scale back irritation. 


Coaching recommendation for athletes trying to obtain next-level efficiency

Jef supplied some useful coaching recommendation for athletes striving for peak efficiency. He emphasised the significance of incorporating periodisation into coaching packages, which entails various the depth and quantity of exercises over time. 

“Numerous athletes do the center floor, conserving a reasonably exhausting coaching price that drains them of the power wanted to go actually exhausting. The trick is to go straightforward, possibly 5 or ten beats decrease in coronary heart price, after which go actually exhausting, one or two periods per week”

This enables athletes to optimise their coaching diversifications whereas minimising the chance of overtraining and harm.

One other essential facet of Jef’s coaching philosophy is the inclusion of normal restoration and relaxation durations. He advises athletes to hearken to their our bodies and take enough relaxation days to make sure they will proceed coaching successfully with out burning out.

Lastly, Jef highlighted the worth of working with a educated coach or mentor. A coach can present personalised steerage, help, and experience to assist athletes navigate the complexities of endurance coaching and push past their perceived limits.

For extra nice suggestions and insights, be sure you try the Prepare Your Dream web site, with tons of nice articles written by Jef himself.




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