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Fueling & Hydration Technique for Lengthy Runs & Races — STEPH PI RUNS

4 hours prior to begin: 2-3 grams per kg of body weight

1 hour prior to begin: 1 gram per kg of body weight

A 150 lb. particular person, for instance, will want round 170 grams of carbohydrates a number of hours earlier than the race. A pattern of this might be a bowl of oatmeal, bagel, banana, and juice. One hour earlier than race time, a sports activities bar corresponding to Clif, together with a sports activities drink with electrolytes would meet the necessities. This will sound like a load of meals, so it particularly essential to slowly enhance carb consumption earlier than runs to verify your physique responds properly to it. In case you usually simply have a bar earlier than lengthy runs after which eat all of this meals on race morning, you could end up with an upset abdomen throughout the race, which can find yourself simply having a destructive impression in your efficiency that day.

Throughout Runs

Carbohydrate ingestion throughout runs will differ relying on the size of the run. It’s preferrred to refuel with carbs earlier than fatigue strikes, which is a mistake made by some athletes. Many instances, as soon as your physique begins to really feel fatigued, it might be too late to get vitality ranges excessive once more. The perfect technique for fueling could be to start inside 30 to 60 minutes of the race or long term after which proceed each 20 to 25 minutes. A simple solution to plan and apply this technique is to gasoline at each 5k of the race. Sports activities gels and chews are a good way to get in the correct quantity of carbs. Intention for 100 to 250 grams per hour, relying in your measurement. This technique ought to preserve vitality ranges at a peak all through the whole race. Once more, if you don’t gasoline practically this a lot, don’t begin with this quantity suddenly! Regularly enhance your mid-run gasoline consumption inside a span of some weeks.




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