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Aqua Jogging For Runners: Advantages, Exercises + Approach

Aqua jogging, also referred to as deep water operating exercises or pool operating, is without doubt one of the finest cardio exercises for injured runners in addition to wholesome runners who’re making an attempt to lower the chance of operating accidents.

Aqua jogging entails replicating the operating movement of dry land operating within the water.

Usually, aqua jogging exercises happen within the deep finish of a swimming pool the place your ft don’t contact the underside, however you may as well incorporate shallow water operating towards the resistance of the water, and you are able to do deep water operating in pure our bodies of water.

On this information, we’ll focus on the advantages of aqua jogging, how novices can get began with deep water operating exercises, and examples of the most effective pool operating exercises for novices and superior runners.

People aqua jogging.

What Are The Advantages Of Aqua Jogging?

Aqua jogging is without doubt one of the finest types of non-weight-bearing cross-training for runners.

As talked about, deep water operating exercises contain replicating the operating movement within the deep finish of the pool the place your ft can’t contact the underside.

On this means, slightly than being a low influence type of cross coaching, deep water operating is actually a non-weight-bearing cardio exercise since you are not loading your musculoskeletal system or incurring any influence stress in your legs as with land operating.

‌Because of this, pool operating is without doubt one of the finest sorts of cross-training for runners with stress fractures, different bone stress accidents, or operating accidents within the acute stage the place even low influence cross coaching could exacerbate your ache or compromise therapeutic.

‌It’s also necessary to notice that you are able to do full or parts of your aqua operating exercises within the shallow finish of the pool so long as you don’t have contraindications to low-impact train.

Due to the buoyancy of the water, operating within the shallow finish of the pool will offset a few of your physique weight.

Subsequently, aqua jogging within the shallow finish of the pool is nice for injured runners who can’t but tolerate the complete high-impact stresses that you simply get with treadmill operating or land operating, but can nonetheless begin to progress from non weight-bearing train to low influence cardio exercises.

Research have additionally discovered aqua jogging can assist restoration and alleviate muscle soreness after downhill operating exercises.

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What Are the Finest Aqua Jogging Suggestions?

Listed here are some suggestions for maximizing the advantages of deep water operating exercises:

#1: Do HIIT

Among the best suggestions for deep water operating exercises is to do high-intensity interval coaching exercises slightly than merely lengthy, steady-state deep water jogging at a moderate-intensity degree.

For one, incorporating high-intensity interval coaching is an effective way to get a greater cardiovascular exercise within the pool. 

Due to the buoyancy afforded by water and the cooler temperature of most swimming pools, it is rather troublesome to elevate your coronary heart charge to the identical coronary heart charge zone when you’re doing aqua jogging vs operating on the roads or a treadmill.

‌This may be irritating for runners who usually do coronary heart charge coaching or information their cardiovascular exercise depth utilizing coronary heart charge.

Incorporating deep water sprints at an all-out effort may also help you enhance your coronary heart charge into the upper zones.

That stated, it’s also necessary to know that the guts charge response to train within the pool shall be attenuated. If you wish to prepare by coronary heart charge, take into account including about ten bpm to your aqua jogging coronary heart charge whereas doing pool operating exercises.

For instance, should you use a flotation belt and are aqua operating within the pool’s deep finish with a coronary heart charge of 145 bpm, this train depth degree would most likely correlate to a treadmill operating or land operating coronary heart charge of 155 bpm.

Except for serving to to provide you a greater cardiovascular exercise, incorporating high-intensity interval coaching sprints or tempo run intervals into your deep water operating exercises helps stop boredom.

Let’s name a spade a spade: replicating the operating movement within the deep finish of the pool for half-hour to an hour (or perhaps extra on your injured runners doing lengthy water-jogging exercises!) might be monotonous and much more boring than an extended treadmill exercise.

Interval exercises assist go the time by supplying you with completely different sections to concentrate on, akin to a warm-up, timed high-intensity intervals with a tough effort and a restoration, after which a settle down.

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#2: Construct Up Slowly

Though it may be arduous to extend your coronary heart charge as excessive when you’re operating in water vs land operating, the muscle-strengthening advantages of deep water operating definitely exceed these of operating on the treadmill or open air.

Resulting from water resistance, the muscular tissues in your legs, particularly the hip flexors, glutes, and hamstrings, should overcome extra water resistance than air resistance whereas operating on land.

This could trigger muscle soreness should you begin doing tremendous lengthy deep water operating exercises instantly. 

Freshmen ought to construct up progressively to lower the chance of damage, akin to muscle strains.

#3: Use Good Type

In my work as a private coach and operating coach, I’ve inspired a lot of my wholesome and injured runners to begin aqua jogging.

If I occur to be coaching in-person, I virtually all the time see some quite common aqua jogging kind errors.

Utilizing correct deep water operating kind will assist optimize your biomechanics for land operating, provide you with a greater cardiovascular exercise, strengthen your hip flexors, core muscular tissues, glutes, and hamstrings because of the resistance of the water, and doubtlessly make it easier to enhance your land operating kind as nicely.

Pump your arms vigorously, use your hip flexors to drive your knees up, after which lengthen your stride to kick out as you’d operating on land. 

You need to open your stride and use the complete vary of movement.

Then use your hamstrings, glutes, and calves to drag towards the resistance of the water and propel your physique ahead.

Most significantly, I usually see novices leaning their torso ahead or hunching over, notably if they aren’t utilizing an aqua jogging belt.

You need your torso to be erect and upright, like when operating on land. Have interaction your core muscular tissues and maintain your chest up and out as you water jog.

aquajogging aquajogger

#4: Use an Aquajogger Flotation Belt

I virtually all the time suggest that novices use a flotation belt, such because the Fluid Operating system or Aquajogger belt.

An aqua jogger belt is product of bendable foam that clips round your hips on prime of your swimsuit.

The aqua jogging flotation gadget will increase your buoyancy with the intention to fear much less about creating extraneous actions to help flotation and slightly concentrate on simply mimicking the biomechanics of dry land operating kind.

#5: Hearken to Music

Once I first needed to do water jogging again in highschool after getting a stress fracture, there weren’t but any good waterproof headphones for swimming, which made my aqua jogging pool exercises much more boring.

There are actually loads of waterproof headphones for runners that you need to use for deep water operating or swimming headphones that may get absolutely submerged.

Among the finest waterproof headphones for pool exercises are the H2O Audio TRI PRO Multi-Sport Headphones or the Fluid Operating earbuds.

Then, you can also make motivating playlists with upbeat music that can assist you maintain a quick operating cadence when you’re making an attempt to duplicate the operating movement within the pool.

Waterproof headphones.

What Are the Finest Pool Operating Exercises for Runners?

Listed here are just a few deep water operating exercises for novices and skilled runners:

#1: 20 Minute Excessive-Depth Interval Coaching Aqua Jogging Exercise for Freshmen

  • Heat up with 5 minutes of straightforward deep water jogging.
  • Then, do 12×45 seconds arduous, 30 seconds restoration.
  • Calm down with 5 minutes of straightforward deep water operating.

#2: 55 Minute Superior Deep Water Operating Exercise

  • Heat up with 5 minutes of straightforward deep water jogging.
  • Then, do 3 rounds of the next:
  • 5×30 seconds arduous, 30 seconds restoration.
  • 10 x 45 seconds arduous, 30 seconds straightforward operating 
  • 5 x 60 seconds arduous, 30 seconds restoration 
  • Calm down with 5 minutes of straightforward deep water operating.

Notice that novices can begin with one set of the high-intensity intervals after which progressively add units as your health degree improves.

Total, the important thing advantage of deep water operating is that it’s a nice cardiovascular exercise for injured runners as a result of it will increase your coronary heart charge, replicates the biomechanics of operating, and strengthens your muscular tissues because of the resistance of water.

Furthermore, proactively incorporating aqua jogging into your coaching plan is an effective way to additionally lower the chance of damage and capitalize on the coaching advantages of this sort of cross coaching for runners.

For extra concepts for cross coaching for runners, try this. subsequent information:

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