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Advantages of Yin Yoga For Runners

I’ll admit it.

I’m not likely a yogi.

I discover it exhausting to not get distracted by what I’m having for dinner, or add to my procuring record, plus I’m so rigid that I discover it actually exhausting.

However the kind of yoga I’ve all the time loved is a restorative fashion class, or Yin yoga. I used to go most Sunday evenings after my future to a heated yin class and would typically go to sleep!! Now that Sizzling Pod Yoga is in Studying, I’m eager to get to a category each week if attainable particularly as I begin constructing velocity and mileage for Valencia Marathon in December. (Bertie and I am going to a Mum & Child class however he’ll in all probability be too cellular for subsequent time period sadly!)

Benefits of Yin Yoga For Runners

It’s no secret that working places a pressure in your muscle tissues, no matter whether or not you’re a newbie or a seasoned marathon runner. While you begin working tougher exercises or growing your mileage, it’s widespread to expertise muscle soreness for a couple of days. This soreness is also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS is a results of micro-tears within the muscle fibres, which happen while you push your muscle tissues past their regular limits. 

DOMS sometimes disappears after a couple of days of relaxation and restoration (like foam rolling, utilizing a therapeutic massage gun, stretching). Nevertheless, it will possibly worsen while you repeatedly place stress on the identical muscle tissues with out correct relaxation or restoration. And over time, this will result in muscle imbalances, diminished muscle flexibility, and elevated danger of harm.

A few of these points might be simply corrected utilizing correct restoration strategies, resembling yoga. On this put up, I’ll be explaining extra on how Yin Yoga might be helpful to runners.

Benefits of Yin Yoga For Runners

Advantages of Yin Yoga For Runners

Yin Yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on sluggish, deep stretching and rest of the physique. Not like extra conventional yoga practices that contain dynamic actions and muscular engagement, Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues, like fascia, ligaments, joints, and bones. This apply is designed to extend flexibility, enhance circulation, and promote rest.

In a Yin Yoga session, you’re more likely to see slower actions and lengthy holds, with poses sometimes held for 3 to 5 minutes or longer. The emphasis is on listening to the physique and permitting it to sink into the stretch over time, slightly than pushing for max flexibility. This apply can also be extra meditative and introspective, with a deal with quieting the thoughts and tuning into bodily sensations – which means Yin Yoga  has advantages for each bodily and psychological well being

Total, Yin Yoga is a good possibility for anybody trying to improve their flexibility and rest, and for individuals who want a slower, extra meditative strategy to yoga. 

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced fashion of yoga that entails holding poses for longer intervals of time and is usually a nice complement to working. Its apply might be significantly helpful for runners because it helps to:

Deepen stretching actions.

Yin Yoga poses are held for an prolonged time period, normally round 3-5 minutes. This prolonged size of time whereas holding the poses permits the physique to calm down and stretch deeper into every pose. Runners who typically expertise tight muscle tissues because of the repetitive nature of working will see the profit that comes with this stretch.

Some runners have a tendency to position most of their deal with high-intensity exercises whereas paying little or no consideration to stretching and restorative workout routines (I’m undoubtedly responsible!). This will finally result in muscle tightness and soreness, which then impacts mobility, velocity, and general effectiveness. The deep stretches in Yin Yoga can assist loosen these muscle tissues in each the decrease and higher physique. Permitting for improved stride size and higher efficiency on the highway.

Enhance flexibility.

With Yin Yoga, runners can enhance general flexibility within the physique, significantly within the hips, pelvis, and decrease backbone. These areas are very essential as a result of they’re liable to stiffness which is usually a huge downside while you get on the highway. Tight hip flexors, hamstrings, and quadriceps can restrict a runner’s stride and velocity. 

Subsequently, by growing mobility, flexibility, and vary of movement, Yin Yoga helps to boost a runner’s efficiency. Yin Yoga is a restorative yoga fashion that permits the muscle tissues to deeply calm down and launch stress, thereby selling flexibility and may scale back the chance of harm.

Benefits of Yin Yoga For Runners

Enhance restoration interval.

One of many principal advantages of Yin Yoga for runners is bettering restoration interval. Lengthy-distance working could cause micro-tears within the muscle tissues, resulting in soreness and irritation put up run. The restoration interval for such can take a number of days relying on the severity.

By training Yin Yoga after a run, you get to hurry up the therapeutic course of and alleviate muscle stress. It is because the apply lets you sufficiently stretch the physique within the affected areas and promote circulation. The bonus is you’re extra more likely to bounce again rapidly in your subsequent exercise. In case you’re looking for extra methods to enhance restoration time, see my suggestions on this put up!

Launch blocked vitality.

Yin Yoga is predicated on the concept sure energies might be saved or blocked within the physique. By holding poses for an prolonged time period, it’s believed that these blockages might be freed and vitality can circulate extra freely all through the physique. A few of these blocked energies are linked to ache and irritation which implies releasing them can assist to alleviate ache and stress whereas bettering general well-being. I used to like going to a restorative yoga class on a Sunday night time to assist ease the Sunday Blues as an extra bonus after my lengthy runs!

Enhance elasticity within the muscle tissues.

Connective tissues within the physique assist to extend elasticity within the muscle tissues. Muscle elasticity is essential for runners because it determines how typically the muscle shall be liable to tears. The extra accidents a runner suffers, the upper the possibilities of extra recurring accidents – one thing none of us need!

Yin Yoga stretches these connective tissues to additional promote elasticity and construct energy. With improved muscle elasticity, runners are much less liable to muscle accidents which can assist to enhance general efficiency.

Charlie of the runner beans

Enhance endurance.

The important thing to long-distance working is endurance. Runners with excessive endurance usually tend to end lengthy races with out hitting the wall or stopping altogether. With no good endurance base, its nearly improssible to extend your velocity over an extended distance and due to this fact bettering endurance is normally excessive on a runner’s record. Surprisingly Yin Yoga can assist us enhance endurance.

Although holding poses for a number of minutes in Yin Yoga might be difficult, it helps to coach the physique to tolerate discomfort and enhance psychological fortitude. Runners who apply Yin Yoga are more likely to have a larger capability for pushing their limits, resulting in improved endurance on lengthy runs. Extra ideas on strategies of constructing endurance for working right here

Enhance blood circulate/circulation. 

Holding poses for an prolonged time period may assist to enhance blood circulate and circulation within the physique. This may be significantly useful for runners who typically expertise diminished blood circulate to the extremities because of the calls for of endurance train (chilly palms and toes anybody??)

Yin Yoga helps to enhance working efficiency in a holistic method. 

The apply can help in restoration, improve mobility and velocity, and enhance endurance. With Yin Yoga included right into a your coaching, you’ll be able to scale back the chance of harm and enhance general efficiency. Plus it will possibly

For extra working suggestions & methods, see my weblog!



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