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A Case for Velocity Work — STEPH PI RUNS

Technically you possibly can practice for a race with a couple of simple runs per week, rising the miles for a kind of runs, and end simply superb on the race. Nevertheless, if you’re trying to attain a selected end time or tempo, it is extremely necessary to incorporate one or two velocity classes per week.

What for?

These quicker interval coaching classes will assist enhance your working financial system. In less complicated phrases, shorter, quicker segments will educate your physique to burn much less gas whereas working longer. Consider fuel-efficient vehicles—they’ll drive extra miles with much less gas. Primarily, what you need is to verify your muscle power and power final at that objective tempo for all the race.

Distance working requires robust sluggish twitch muscle fibers, that are the fibers liable for withholding our endurance. As you get into the second half or final third of your lengthy runs and races, finally your sluggish twitch fibers will fatigue. At this level you will have your intermediate and quick twitch muscle fibers to kick in and carry you alongside, though they fatigue faster than the sluggish twitch fibers. Quick repeats of 800 meters, for instance, work your quick twitch muscle fibers, whereas longer, quicker segments, reminiscent of one or two mile repeats, will work the intermediate muscle fibers.



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