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3 Greatest Power Chews for Marathon & Half Marathon Working

or are power gels higher?

Discovering one of the best power chews for marathon operating will be overwhelming however everyone knows counting on our pure power to get us by means of our marathon or half marathon is not going to chop it.

The truth is, analysis exhibits that any run exceeding 60 minutes ought to embrace some type of supplemental diet to offer ongoing gas and substitute misplaced vitamins.

(Runs below an hour derive power from the carbohydrates saved in our muscle mass eliminating the need of dietary supplements.)

Whereas just about all of us are acquainted with power drinks and bars to produce these parts, additionally worthy of consideration for marathon runners are power chews and gels.

These two straightforward, quick and highly effective fuels will present that further increase while you want it essentially the most.

Methods to know which of them are one of the best for optimum efficiency?

Get began by testing the listing under of three of the highest chews and gels in the marketplace.

Simply be sure to experiment with a number of sorts and quantities whereas coaching to search out the optimum ones that can be just right for you come race day.

Additionally needless to say it’s best to take any type of power complement effectively earlier than wanted – as in: earlier than issues get uncontrolled.

First although, a short clarification of the advantages of the important substances present in most packages of one of the best power chews and gels for marathoners and half marathoners.

This is what you will see that on this web page:

  • Do you want power gels for marathon operating?
  • When do you have to use power chews or gels when operating?
  • Components it is best to search for in one of the best chews and gels for marathoners
  • The three high finest power chews for marathon runner & half marathon runners?
  • Fast reference comparability chart of one of the best CHEWS
  • That are higher for marathoners? Power chews or power gels?
  • Greatest power gels for marathon & half marathon runners
  • Fast comparability chart of one of the best GELS for operating


The perfect power chews for marathon operating include very important substances for profitable marathon and long term refueling. 

The cluster of carbohydrates and electrolytes contained in every package deal replenishes the important thing parts misplaced throughout lengthy distance operating.

Mixed with water, dehydration is prevented and endurance maintained. 

Positively vital for that subsequent race, proper?

Power drinks are literally simpler for refueling throughout lengthy runs and races as liquids are in a position to be absorbed by the physique sooner than solids. 

Nonetheless combining power chews with water continues to be a really efficient approach to refuel as an extended distance runner. 

Power chews are additionally an effective way to easily combine up the gas that you’re intaking particularly in the event you like gummies usually (elevating my hand right here!).

do you want power gels for marathon operating?

Power chews and gels will not be completely important for operating marathons, half marathons and even lengthy distance runs.

Nonetheless it’s important so that you can refuel your carbohydrate shops throughout lengthy distance runs of over an hour in size. 

The easiest approach to refuel your carb shops rapidly and successfully is thru power drinks. 

Power chews and gels are additionally nice possibility particularly in the event you want gas that has a bit extra substance to it though they don’t seem to be absorbed by the physique as rapidly as liquids.

Simply make sure to discover and use one of the best power chews for marathon coaching as they aren’t all created equal! 

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when ought to i exploit power chews when operating?

You actually solely have to take power chews (or gels or power drinks for that matter) any time that you can be operating longer than one hour.

If you can be operating for longer than an hour then you’ll want to carry supplemental power together with you and start intaking power early on in your run.

Ideally, you’ll want to devour roughly 30-60 grams of carbohydrates for each hour that you just run.

Since most power chews include between 20 and 40 grams of carbohydrates in every you’ll possible want between one and two chews per hour of operating.

Most gels include proper round 20 grams of carbohydrates and subsequently you’ll need at the very least 1.5 gels as much as 3 gels per hour of operating.

The vary of what number of you want may be very dependent in your physique sort, gender, operating health and race objectives! 

The Eat Like a Marathoner Vitamin Course accommodates calculators that may let you know precisely what number of carbohydrates you want throughout your runs (and in the end the marathon) which can let you know what number of chews (or gels/power drink) you want primarily based off of your physique, your operating health and your race objectives.

It personalizes your marathon diet to you!

Alright, let’s speak about what it is best to search for in one of the best power chews for marathon runners! 


These substances needs to be in your operating gels as effectively! 


 Carbohydrates: The primary supply of power. Carbohydrates maintain your power degree excessive. 30 – 60 grams per hour is really helpful.

Like most issues in life, extra is not higher as abdomen points may end up in the event you exceed greater than 60 grams/hour.


Electrolytes: Obligatory for upkeep of water steadiness throughout train. Misplaced by means of sweat.

The electrolytes it is best to search for in one of the best power chews and gels for marathoners are:

  • Sodium  
  • potassium 
  • calcium  
  • magnesium 

Amino Acids:

Amino Acids: Helpful for optimum efficiency and restoration (reduces soreness).

Additionally aids in sustaining stamina.


Caffeine: Offers psychological readability and acts as a gentle stimulant whereas masking ache and fatigue.

Masks ache? Sure, please!


Protein: Retains muscle harm to a minimal.

Probably not essential to have a lot protein throughout a run however very small quantities will be useful. 


Fats: Makes the chew or gel extra palatable.


Those that want consuming their power slightly than slurping down a drink or gel will gravitate towards power chews.

The yummy gummy small chew sizes are good for with the ability to customise to your wants.

The next high three power chews will get you began in your experimentation to search out what works finest for you.

1. Honey Stinger Plus Efficiency Power Chews

These plus efficiency Honey Stinger power chews are stronger than the Honey Stinger unique chews by offering you with extra electrolytes misplaced throughout sweating and extra caffeine for that psychological readability and additional increase.

-And with 95% natural substances!

To tweak for the optimum quantity to your wants, complement with the unique chews for these longer length runs.


  • 95% natural substances
  • Gluten-free choices
  • Don’t get caught in your enamel

Per Serving:

Carbs: 37grams (Plan on 1 or 2 per hour.)

Protein: 1 gram

Fats: 0


Sodium: 160mg

Potassium: 50mg

Calcium: 20mg

2. Gatorade Power Chews

These Gatorade power chews embrace 25% day by day worth of the B6 nutritional vitamins. -Nice for producing power by effectively breaking down the carbs.

It’s endorsed that you just eat all six chews in a package deal earlier than your long term after which periodically as wanted.

  • Good for these with a delicate abdomen
  • Most are proud of the style
  • Not sticky
  • Simple to get down
  • Complaints about cumbersome packaging

Per Serving:

Carbs: 24grams        (Plan on 2 to three servings per hour.)

Protein: 0

Fats: 0


Sodium: 70mg (Relying on taste)

Potassium: 30mg

3. Clif Bloks Chews

The extremely widespread Clif Bloks Chews are available a number of enjoyable flavors to combine issues up.

Strive the Margarita with Salt, the Cran-Razz, the Tropical Punch, the Ginger Ale, the Salted Watermelon flavors (amongst a number of others) or for extra “typical” flavors, the Black Cherry, Orange or Strawberry flavors.

No lack of selection with these chews.

  • A number of flavors
  • Caffeine and non-caffeine choices
  • Simple to regulate quantity of consumption so that you’re solely consuming what’s vital
  • Simple on the abdomen
  • Must observe instantly with water

Per Serving:

Carbs: 24 grams                (Plan on 2 to three        servings per hour.)

Protein: 0

Fats: 0


Sodium: 50 -100mg   (Relying on          taste)

Potassium: 18mg

Calcium: 0 – 3mg

FOR THE 3 BEST ENERGY CHEWS for marathon runners:


Power Gels are a gooey, considerably thick substance for many who want to gulp down their power however don’t need the fullness sometimes skilled with an power drink.

Washing down with water is often really helpful relying on the actual model taken.


Power gels and power chews for marathon operating are fairly comparable when it comes to absorption of power. 

Power chews usually include extra carbohydrates per chew versus carbohydrates per gel packet. This could make them simpler and faster to devour. 

The primary distinction will come all the way down to texture and private desire. 

Do you like one thing you may chew that is a little more strong? You’ll in all probability take pleasure in a operating chew. 

If you happen to like a extra syrupy texture that does not require chewing then you’ll almost certainly take pleasure in a gel over a chew. 

I like to recommend testing one or two gels and one or two power chews for marathon coaching and see what you want! 


Let’s reply this query proper now with the next listing of the highest 3 gels for marathon and half marathon runners! 

1. Huma Plus Chia Power Gel

For these wanting a dairy free, gluten free and vegan pleasant gel that makes use of pure substances, strive the Huma Plus Chia Power Gel.

This gel is made with finely milled chia seeds to maintain your power at its peak. The chia seeds are the first ingredient that present the optimum quantity of amino acids important to runners.

Word that these Plus Chia power gels have 2x extra pure electrolytes than the unique Chia power gels – aiding within the prevention of cramping and muscle fatigue.

  • Consistency straightforward to scrub down
  • Extra of a pure style than with different manufacturers
  • One of many few manufacturers that accommodates protein
  • Obtainable with or with out caffeine
  • Opening package deal will be barely tougher whereas in movement
  • Complaints concerning the high quality of the packaging. They’ve the potential to leak in the event you do not strategically pack them.

Per Serving (Ranges are attributable to taste variations):

Carbs: 21-23 grams       (Plan on 2 to three        servings per hour.)

Protein: 1 gram

Fats: 0 – .5 mg


Sodium: 240-280mg

Potassium: 75-145mg

Calcium: 25 – 30mg

Magnesium: 15mg

Caffeine: 0-25mg

Amino Acids: Contains 9 amino acids

2. GU Roctane Extremely Endurance Power Gel

Don’t confuse the GU Roctane power gels (GU’s premium power gel) with the unique GU power gels.

In comparison with the unique GU power gels, the GU Roctane power gels have two to a few occasions as a lot sodium (electrolytes) (relying on the flavour) and thrice as many branched-chain amino acids (nice for general efficiency and optimum restoration).

These are useful for runs over 10 miles and/or 90 minutes – so good to your half-marathon or full marathon.

  • Comprises further sodium to replenish these electrolytes misplaced by sweating which aids within the prevention of cramping and retains you energized.
  • Restoration is quicker and general efficiency higher because of the additional amino acids
  • Are available an abundance of flavors
  • Obtainable with or with out caffeine
  • Sticky thick texture so essential to take with water
  • Some complain of an disagreeable aftertaste

Per Serving (Ranges are attributable to taste variations):

Carbs: 19-21 grams       (Plan on 2 to three       servings per hour.)

Protein: 0

Fats: 0 – 1.5 mg


Sodium: 125-180mg

Potassium: 55mg

Calcium: 30-40mg

Caffeine: 0-70mg

Amino Acids:  1425mg

3. Clif Shot Power Gels

These Clif Shot power gels are engaging in you can tremendous tune your caffeine degree to your finest psychological readability.

They’re additionally one of the vital reasonably priced – an enormous plus when watching your price range. 

  • Greatest bang to your buck
  • Varied caffeine ranges
  • Dairy free
  • Number of flavors
  • Handy litter leash packaging
  • Thick texture
  • Greatest to scrub down with water

Per Serving (Ranges are attributable to taste variations):

Carbs: 21-25 grams       (Plan on 2 to three       servings per hour.)

Protein: 0 

Fats: 0 – 1.5 mg


Sodium: 60-90mg

Potassium: 50-85mg


So whether or not you’re chewing or gelling throughout your half marathon or full marathon, if you’re consuming enough quantities of the above fuels they are going to ship the power, psychological readability and general stamina to carry out your finest. 

Oh – and for excellent gear to hold your power stuff take a look at this listing. Blissful operating!

BTW: Listed below are 9 different methods to extend your vivacity in the event you’re in an power stoop.

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