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1 Minute Plank Is Equivalent to How Many Push-Ups: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

Have you reached your push-up breaking point? Are you itching to shake up your routine and give something else a whirl? Allow us to introduce you to the plank – the stationary cousin of the push-up! But hold on a hot minute – you might be scratching your head, wondering how the plank measures up to our trusty old friend, the push-up? Fear not, fitness fanatics, for we’ve got the lowdown in this ultimate showdown. In this no-holds-barred face-off, we’ll crunch the numbers and spill the beans on the notorious “1-minute plank vs. how many push-ups” conundrum. Buckle up, because things are about to get plank-tastic!


In the great workout debate, there are two camps: those who live for the fiery sting of a push-up and those who relish the unwavering clench of the plank. But what if we told you there’s a workout plot twist that could knock your gym socks off? Brace yourself, because it turns out the humble plank might just go toe-to-toe with push-ups – or even outshine them! So, for those of you keeping score, how many push-ups does a 1-minute plank stack up against? Don’t touch that dial, fitness buffs, as we’re about to spill the sweat-drenched beans!

The Great Debate: Plank vs. Push-up

The moment you’ve been sweating for is here: a 1-minute plank clocks in at a whopping 20 push-up equivalent. You heard that right, folks – by merely holding a plank for a single, glorious minute, you’ll harness the same muscle magic as cranking out 20 push-ups. Now, you might be scratching your head, wondering how this workout sorcery is possible. Fret not, fitness fans, as it all boils down to the mighty muscles flexing their power.

Ah, the push-up: the go-to move for chest, triceps, and shoulder domination. But let’s talk planks, where your abs, back, and glutes join the workout party. That’s right, planking is like the Swiss Army knife of exercises – a multi-tasking marvel that not only beefs up your core but also showers some love on those muscles often left in the dust during push-up pandemonium. So, next time you’re ready to flex, give the plank a chance to shine!

The Science behind Plank and Push-up

Armed with the sizzling scoop that a 1-minute plank is the equivalent of 20 push-ups, let’s dive headfirst into the epic showdown between these two fitness titans. Cue the dramatic music and grab your popcorn, folks – it’s time to settle the score between planks and push-ups once and for all!

1. Difficulty Level

Ah, push-ups, the bane of many a fitness enthusiast’s existence. They’re known for being more demanding than planks, thanks to their voracious appetite for upper body strength. But don’t let planks fool you – they’ve got a mischievous side too. Hold one for a lengthy spell, and you’ll soon discover that these seemingly innocent exercises pack quite the challenge themselves.

2. Muscle Groups Worked

So, we’ve established that push-ups are all about that chest, triceps, and shoulder action, right? But planks, those sneaky devils, have a few tricks up their sleeves. They’re all about recruiting a whole ensemble of muscles – from the abs to the back, and from the glutes to the legs. Talk about a full-body workout!

3. Variations

Planks and push-ups are like the chameleons of the exercise world – they come in all shapes and sizes! Want to amp up your plank? Try adding some leg lifts, or even sneak in a push-up or two. Yep, you heard right – push-ups can be mixed with planks for a fitness cocktail that’s sure to leave you feeling the burn.


Is it better to do push-ups or planks?

So, how do you choose between push-ups and planks? It’s like picking between pizza and tacos – it all comes down to personal taste! If you’re all about flexing those biceps and getting that upper body in tip-top shape, push-ups are your jam. But, if you’re keen on becoming a well-rounded fitness guru, engaging multiple muscle groups, and rocking a core that even Hercules would envy, then planks are your go-to move. Choose wisely, my friend!

How long should I hold a plank for?

Aspiring plankers, take note! When it comes to holding that plank, don’t go jumping straight into a 1-minute showdown with gravity. Instead, start with baby steps – or baby planks, if you will. Try holding that position for a modest 20-30 seconds at first. As you grow stronger (and your abs begin plotting their revenge), feel free to inch your way up to the coveted 1-minute plank. Happy planking!

How many calories do planks and push-ups burn?

If you’re considering planks and push-ups as your next calorie-burning adventure, keep in mind that the number of calories torched depends on factors like your weight, age, and how intensely you’re exercising. Picture this: a 150-pound person could burn approximately 3-4 calories per minute while planking (enough to offset a single jelly bean, perhaps), while the same person might incinerate around 7-8 calories per minute performing push-ups (hello, two jelly beans!). So, choose your exercise wisely – and maybe even your post-workout snacks!

Can planks and push-ups help me lose weight?

You might be thinking planks and push-ups are the magic ticket to weight loss paradise, but hold your horses! While these exercises may not directly result in shedding pounds, they can help you build muscle and rev up your overall fitness level, which could eventually lead to weight loss success. So, even though your dream weight may not be just a plank or push-up away, incorporating these exercises can help pave the way to a fitter, slimmer you.

Can I do planks and push-ups every day?

Absolutely, you can tackle planks and push-ups daily, but remember, your muscles also deserve a little R&R. It’s wise to mix up your workout routine with different exercises and pencil in some well-deserved rest days. This way, you’ll keep those pesky overuse injuries at bay while still flexing those muscles to the max!

Can I do planks and push-ups if I have wrist or shoulder pain?

Should you find yourself wincing in pain due to your wrists or shoulders while doing planks or push-ups, fear not! It’s time to tweak those exercises or, better yet, consult a healthcare professional to dodge any further damage. Because, after all, no pain, no gain is just a myth, folks!


And there you go – the ultimate showdown between planks and push-ups, finally revealing the answer to the age-old question of how many push-ups a 1 minute plank equals. It turns out, push-ups and planks each have their own perks and quirks, but combining these two titans of exercise in your routine could just be the secret sauce to a well-rounded, super-effective workout.

Let’s not forget, it’s crucial to tune in to your body’s signals and tweak those exercises as needed to avoid any nasty injuries. So, whether you’re a plank aficionado or a push-up fanatic, keep pushing the envelope and chasing those fitness dreams.

There you have it! We trust this guide has been equal parts enlightening and chuckle-worthy. So, don’t wait any longer – snag a yoga mat and dive into the world of planking (or pushing) with gusto!

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